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DJ Vito Fun got his start in music as an intern for a producer , eventually making his way up to mixing engineer. “I was born a DJ,” he laughs. “I DJ’d my first party in the fourth grade. I was introduced to the dance floor in 1995 at Roxy, then graduated to a residency at The Tunnel. “I’m too wild for a real job at this point. Music is all I know.” He is creative in every sense incorporating photography into the mix.


Brought out to Fire Island Pines in 2005 in the middle of the summer by  friend Sean Patrick Ryan who worked for then owner Eric Von Kuersteiner Vito worked a party at the Pavilion that never ended. He was offered a residency that first year. It became the Party at the Pavilion playing from  7-10.

In 2006 the then old Pavilion was torn down making way for the new.

old pav


DSCN0669pavillion 2010 summer

The Party at the Pavilion became Middle Tea, as what was High Tea became obsolete.

vito fun pics

middle tea vito fun

Middle Tea became another Fire Island Pines tradition, and DJ Vito Fun became synonymous with it.



vito fun middle tea pics




vito fun pics a

vito fun middle tea pics a






In 2011 the Pavilion as well as Sip n Twirl both had a catastrophic fire. As the Pavilion building did not get rebuilt right away Middle Tea moved to the Botel pool area.

2011 Fire in Pavilion









middle tea 2012


From 2012 to 2014 the party moved around and almost was finished until 2015 when new owner PJ McAteer brought it back home to the Pavilion. Now known as “Fun Tea”,  it was as if he never left. In 2018 it has now moved back to the Pool deck. The rest is history…

fun tea ad


Now expanding into production here is his latest:

In 2011 we interviewed DJ Vito Fun. It’s an interesting piece. See it here:

2019. This is my 14th summer doing Fun Tea on Fire Island and I must say it gets better every year.

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