DJ Steven Oliveri

DJ Steven Oliveri

steve oliveri Ice Palace 1982


Steven started his DJ career when he turned 23 playing all of the clubs on Long Island

DJ steven oliveri est 1979. and on Fire Island, including The Ice Palace  and The Monster in Cherry Grove each season.

steve at monster 1987steve at monster

DJ steven oliveri est 1987 MONSTER.DJ steven oliveri 1987 MONSTER.



In the fall of 1991 Steven and his partner purchased The Crews Quarters in The Pines, gutted it and built The Island club where he was one of the sole proprietors and resident DJ for 9 years.

Steve and Mark Huckleberrythe island club

Island Club 1992Island Club 1993




Soon after that he relocated to San Diego where he continued his residency at Rich’s, Hamburger Mary’s now Urban MO’s, Club Montage, The Boom Boom Room in Laguna Beach and many other venues.

The GridCircus circus Ohion 2003



In the spring of 2005 he was asked to come back to Fire Island  Pines to work with PJ McAteer at Sip n Twirl  (Formerly The Island club) where Steven continues his residency each season.

DJ steve oliveri invasion 95STEVEN


2015 Low Tea


I started playing the Ice Palace back in 1980 and played it each season after that. I then moved on to play both the Ice Palace and The Monster who was owned by Richie Freddie and Michael lagatuta. That’s where I met Mark Huckleberry in 1989 who was bartending at the time. Mark and I became partners and soon after that one evening in the fall of 1991 we took a walk over to the Pines to see what was happening. We went to the Crews Quarters which was the space of the new Sip N twirl and formerly The Island club. We were told that the small bar was for sale so we pursued to meet with the seller Doris Taussig. The three of us had a very nice dinner and she really liked us so she decided to sell us the bar. She had 2 other prospects interested but she really liked Mark and I. So we went onto purchase the bar from her, took the 2 spaces next to it and created The Island club. This all happened over the winter months of 1991 thru 1992 to be able to open for the 1992 season. The Island Club was ready by April of 1992. A few years later we bought the pizza place that was directly below us and created The Island Club Bistro. Both were very successful. I left the business and Mark in 2000 as my relationship was over, and relocated to San Diego. PJ then took over the space in 2005 and asked me to come back to work for him. I’ve been working with PJ ever since.

2015 poolside2015




Steven and Warren Gluck


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