DJ Randy Bettis

 DJ Randy Bettisrandy bettis

Randy Bettis was once a member of the Saluki Gymnastics Team at Southern Illinois University, where he broke numerous records in both floor exercise and vaulting; in his final year, he competed at the NCAA National Gymnastics Championships and placed 6th on floor exercise. He then worked at Opryland USA in Nashville as a dancer and then Assistant to the Choreographer. He next moved to a career in musical theater. After touring with the Hamburg, Germany production of CATS he returned to the United States to join the Fourth National Tour of CATS as Tumblebrutus. He joined the Broadway Company from 1989-1991 and 1995-1997.

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In 1997 he left the theater to fulfill his lifelong dream to be a nightclub DJ and a music producer/remix artist.

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I first experienced Fire Island in the summer of 1992 as a young gay man and was instantly captivated by the magic and vitality of the Pines. Over the years, I learned about the history of the Pines community and the importance of dance music in its development. I came to understand that a night of transcendent dance music, like a weekend in the Pines, can provide us with the perspective to better handle our day-to-day lives. I also came to see that DJing in the Pines meant walking in the footsteps of luminary DJs such as Susan Morabito, Michael Fierman, Billy Carroll, Buck, Warren Gluck, Robbie Leslie, and Steven randy

Playing at house parties, clubs or large events in the Pines has always been a joyful and sometimes spiritual experience for me. It truly feels like a rare and magical place where people come from all over the world to leave behind the stresses of daily life and be themselves in a safe environment of incredible natural beauty.

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