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1987. DJ Michael Jorba.DJ Michael Jorba 1987

DJ Michael Jorba plays an intregal role in Pines history. The DJ for the GMHC Morning Party from its inception in 1983 until he handed the reigns to DJ Michael Fierman in 1994. He created a soundtrack to a historic time in the Pines community. Today he lives a quiet life out of the music scene. His heart though remains here on the beaches where his music plays on…  

In his own words:

I started to DJ in the early 80’s. I was working at the time as a disease investigator for the CDC in the Chelsea Clinic. I went to a friend’s apartment who had two turntables and because of my background in music (I have a BS in Music Education from SUC Potsdam), I picked it up very quickly. I spent years DJing at Chaps on the upper east side and had my first crack at playing the Pavilion in the early 80’s was when Charles DeRohan was the owner. Charles hired me as the house DJ for one summer in the 80s (I don’t remember exactly when) and I was instrumental in bringing Tom Johnson from Atlanta to Play at the Pavilion one summer. He then went on the be the house DJ at the Probe in LA.

I ended up quitting my CDC job in the early 80’s when I was hired to work every Thursday and Saturday at Alex in Wonderland in the meat packing district. From there I worked at many other clubs, including Moonshadow, Tracks, once at Studio 54, 20/20, and other clubs all over the US. I frequently traveled to LA to play The Probe on a Saturday night then flew to SF the next day to play at Dreamland or Trocadero on Sunday. It was a wild time.

In the early 80’s, friends of mine decided to start a party to raise money for GMHC. Gerry Bovenshen was instrumental in asking me to play the first Morning Party at someone’s house right on the beach. I did every year after that and finally when GMHC took over the party and Randy (I forgot his last name) arranged for it to be on the beach. I played every year until 1993 or 1994. I’m not sure which!


1991 MP DJ MICHAEL JORBA1992 michael jorbaweb





                                    In 1994 DJ Michael Jorba passes the DJ torch to Michael Fierman.

1994 michael Jorba passes the torch to M Fierman


The music from the GMHC Morning Parties was recorded, and then sold on cassette with proceeds going to the cause. Listen here.




I played at the Pavilion many times in the 80’s ,and when John Whyte bought the Pavilion he hired Michael Fierman and myself to be the house DJs. We both worked every weekend from 1990 to 1992. It was an absolute blast!

mj 1991               DJ Michael Jorba at the 1991 Morning Party.

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