DJ Michael Fierman

 DJ Michael Fierman


Michael Fierman’s  career in NYC began in 1981 at the Underground and River Club. His long association with Fire Island Pines was at The Pavilion in the summer of 1982. He was made house DJ by owner John Whyte in 1990-2000.






















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He was resident DJ for the 1994 GMHC Morning Party taking over from longtime resident DJ Michael Jorba .





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Other New York clubs include Ice Palace, Studio 54, Red Zone, The Red Parrot, The Roxy, Twilo, Tunnel

He is perhaps most famous for his work with The Saint. He worked as a regular there from May of 1982 until it closed in 1988. Noted for  the Saint At Large Black Parties from 1991- 1996, 1999, 2000, 2002, SAL Black Tea 2004, 2006, 2007.


Another highlight was playing the fabulous gay Sundays at Palladium 1985-1987.

Circuit parties all over the United States too numerous to name them all but including GMHC Morning Party, Victory Party, Hearts Party, Blue Ball, Fire Ball, Real Bad SF,

Winter Party, NYC Pride Pier Dance, Pride Parties in LA, SD, Boston, DC, Gay Games in Amsterdam.






In the last few years he only accept gigs that truly interest him such as the new Pavilion in Fire Island Pines

Most importantly developing his own event Evolution of a Dancer which he shares with his musical partner, DJ John Ceglia evolution

Always re-inventing myself… always evolving, re-engaging  with his love for the music, the craft and most importantly, with the crowd. His goal: To take my musical esthetic and apply it to today’s scene in the hope of creating something fresh and unique.


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Buc, Susan , Michael, Mark Tarbox, Sharon White.                 DJs Buc, Susan Morabito, Michael Fierman, Mark Tarbox, and Sharon White.

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