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web20130124085535_12                                                                1982. DJ John Ceglia

 After moving to N.Y. in June of 1980, DJ John Ceglia was asked to be a panelist at the Billboard Disco Convention. He shared the panel with legendary DJs Jim Burgess and Bobby Viteretti, among others. Each had to do a mixing demo for the crowd of club owners, artists and DJ s from around the world. John received a standing ovation for his demo….and one of those in the crowd was DJ Roy Thode. Roy was the most popular DJ on Fire Island at the time, playing at the Ice Palace in the Grove.

20140309124546_01web He invited John to come DJ on the Island in July of that year. In May 1982, Saint light man Jim Hicks was helping with scheduling at the Pavilion in the Pines. At the time the place to be on Saturday nights was still the Ice Palace with Roy in the Grove. .Sadly on DJ John Ceglia’s 1st week as a DJ at the Pavilion in the Pines DJ Roy Thode passed away. As John played his 1st Saturday night at the Pavilion he noticed a crowd that grew, and grew as the night progressed. 


webJohn Ceglia



This night started what would become a ritual in the Pines of all night dancing. No more migrating to the Grove to dance. The Dancers from the dance had found there new home.




He went on to play many Saturday nights becoming part of our musical soundtrack here in the Pines. He returned in 2010, and continues to be part of the Pines musical soundtrack


He continues to experiment with his collaboration with other DJs both in NYC and Fire Island.john ev

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