Dancing on the Bay Est. 1995.


Dancing on the Bay Est. 1995.




During the 4th of July weekend in 1995 the first “Dancing on the Bay” was held at the Bayfront home of Pines resident Richard Winger. The party/benefit was held to raise funds for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,Transgender Community Center. The party began at six and ended with a spectacular fireworks display on the bay.

1996. Richard Winger (below left).






The party was held at several locations including the Zarrilli/ McKinney home at Sail Walk. A extended dance floor was built onto the bay giving it a unique feel at the time.



The showstopper was always the Fireworks at the end…




DJ Tony Moran was the DJ at some of the early parties.






Though not billed as the entertainment Singer Cyndi Lauper appears at Dancing on the bay 6.

















In 2007- 2010 under the leadership of Pines commercial owner Eric Von Kuernsteiner the party/ benefit was renamed “BayDance.”




The Party got bigger with corporate sponsorship.




















In 2011 the party returned to its original name for one last go round. This would be the end for this event, and the exciting firework show every 4th of July…




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