Crews Quarters Est. 1982

Crews Quarters 1982-1992

 Opened in the newly renovated LaFountaine Building by longtime Pines resident and Realtor Doris Taussig “Crews Quarters was known as the friendly place. The place where the locals and more came to drink and socialize. More importantly it was the game of pool that brought people together. Doris was no stranger to the game and played often.

                                                       After the passing of her husband realtor Ted Taussig, Doris needed to occupy her time. She got her license and opened her Real Estate, however she saw this opportunity and invested with friends.



She met new and old friends at Crews Quarters. It was here that the Invasion tradition of free drinks for drag queens on Invasion day was started.


As many of here friends including her business partners began passing as AIDS took its toll throughout the 80’s she decided to sell, and devoted the rest of her life to caring for AIDS patients both in the city and at her home on the Island.





                    In 1992 Partners Mark Huckleberry, Tony Corrente,and Doug Lieb bought the club renaming it “The Island Club.


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