Invasion 2016.

  Invasion 2016. It all starts with a Homecoming Queen…  Logan Hardcore.     Then the preparations begin…               The day arrives, and it
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The original Rainbow Flag.

The Rainbow Flag

The Rainbow Flag Est. 1978.       The first Rainbow Flag was designed in 1978 by Gilbert Baker, a San Francisco artist, who created the flag in response to
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Pines People- Gilbert Parker

Gilbert Parker Literary and Talent agent from William Morris Agency, and longtime Pines resident. Arrives in the Pines in 1958 and purchases a home at Ocean & Sky. Then…                                                                                                                                                                   Now
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Pines People- Lance Ferris

Lance Ferris After a visit in 1979 a young Lance Ferris arrived on his own in 1980 fresh from Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn. Taking a guide book he got his ticket
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Doris Taussig at Sage

Pines People- Doris Taussig

Doris Taussig Doris Taussig arrived in the Pines in 1939. Her father was a dentist who never got to practice his dentistry because landholdings and real estate. The then valueless
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Pines People - Paul McGregor

Pines People- Paul McGregor

Paul McGregor 1935-2013     On a random drive with his wife Paul McGregor discovered the Pines in 1961. He brought his creativity and spirit making his mark in Pines
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2000’s. A new Millenium.

2000’s. The Pines party grows into a major event/ fundraiser in the community. In 2004 owner John Whyte sells the commercial district to Pines resident Eric Von Kuersteiner. He begins
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1990 David Morgan

1990’s. The good fight…

1990’s. As the health of many were declining, the look of the men of the Pines became stronger. Muscled physiques had replaced the natural body types as the gym became
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1982 couple 2web

1980’s. A season of change…

1980’s. A new club arrives to take over as the era of the Sandpiper ends. Named the Pavilion it changes the cornerstone of the community. A box like structure as
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1970’s. Dancing the Disco Dance…

1970’s. The Tea Dance had grown, and become the place to be on Fire Island, and with that the Pines became a destination. Disco music had taken over. Many from
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The secret was out. Where the boys are?
Fire Island Pines!

1960’s. It’s a Mod, Mod World…

1960’s.     In spite of promoting itself as a family community, the proximity to Cherry Grove, and the beauty of the generous landscape was luring many from NYC .
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