Celebrity history

         Celebrity history

          Sal Mineosalll

1974. Actor Sal Mineo arrives in the Pines with an entourage. He has lunch at the Blue Whale where longtime Pines resident Anne Candreva worked as a waitress. He is kind, and leaves Anne a $100.00 tip.


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sal mineo piv

sal naked

sal nude


Halston FIP StoryHalston by Andy Warhol

 In the the summer of 1964, Halston found romance, of a sort. He was at tea dance, the late-afternoon ritual at the bay-front Boatel in the Fire Island Pines where residents gathered for dancing and cocktails, posing and staring, when he saw a handsome, well-built young black man talking with friends. After studying the boy for a few minutes, he sent a waiter to say that an admirer wanted to buy him a drink. I don’t accept drinks from strangers,” twenty-four-year-old Edward J. Austin Jr. told the waiter grandly. But he added, “Send a drink back from me to whoever sent it.” Later, when tea dance was over and Austin was headed back to his friends’ house, he noticed a tall, handsome man waiting at the end of the dock under a lamppost, smoking a cigarette. The man smiled and motioned Austin over. “I still didn’t know who he was,” said Austin. “He told me his name was Eric. I met him on a Saturday and he invited me to his house on Monday. Later I saw my friends and they said, ‘His name isn’t Eric, it’s Halston—you know, the designer from Bergdorf Goodman.’ That started the relationship.”Ed Austin was an assistant buyer in the men’s-wear department of Alexander’s department store. For the next five or six years, he was Halston’s weekly sex partner. On that first Monday night, when Austin went to Halston’s penthouse on East Fifty-fifth Street, Halston cooked dinner and they stayed in. There would be a lot of eating in. “He kept me hidden away from his friends,” said Austin. “ He wouldn’t take me out to dinner publicly. I still don’t know the reason for that, unless he was trying to protect his image.”

Halston’s personal life was rather bleak. Since his sexual relationship with Ed Austin had trailed off, Halston had taken to phoning call boys, who would come to the East Fifty-fifth Street apartment, where he would perhaps order them both a steak and a baked potato delivered up, then take them to bed and show them the door. Joe Eula, the fashion illustrator and one of Halston’s closest confidants, took to calling this practice “dial-a-steak, dial-a-dick,” which Halston thought was hysterically funny. One night in 1972, the young man who showed up at Halston’s apartment from the call-boy service changed his life. The man’s name, improbably, was Victor Hugo—a professional name and a pun, it would turn out, on his “huge-o” endowment.victor hugo  Victor was brilliant, zany, exciting, and dangerous. Because of him, Halston would thereafter live his life on the edge—on the edge of legality, of propriety, and of sanity. “Halston and I never had sex after the first three months,” said Hugo. “It was a great love affair—not about sex.” “The person that Halston loved, more than his own life, was Victor,” said Peruchio Valls, who had known Hugo since he was a boy and who later became one of Halston’s personal assistants.

Victor Hugo was a handsome twenty-four-year-old student from Caracas, Venezuela, and the first of Halston’s lovers to actually move in and live with him. Halston also put Victor on the company payroll and gave him a job in the packing room. It didn’t take long to discover that Victor wasn’t cut out for menial tasks. Clearly, the logical outlet for Victor’s artistic bent was to dress the windows of Halston’s boutique, but that encroached on Ed Austin’s area of pride and joy. Austin now managed Halston’s boutique and dressed the windows. By Christmas of 1973 it came to a head. “We had a big fight about the Christmas window,” Austin said. “I put in the window about a week before Christmas. It was fabulous, nothing but red clothing and silver jewelry. But Halston came downstairs with Victor Hugo, and he didn’t like it. Halston had Victor redecorate it. I was in my office, and somebody came up and told me what was happening. I put on my fur coat—a beautiful raccoon coat that Halston had given to me—I had a very stiff drink and went home.” When Austin returned to work on Monday, Halston stormed into his office. “He was furious,” said Austin, “and he told me, ‘I want the keys to the boutique. I want my keys—just give me the keys.’ Well, it was Christmas Eve, I had packages all over the place, I had a limousine outside waiting to carry me home with all these packages, and I was fired. Christmas Eve, thank you—out the door, no severance, nothing.” Ed Austin never saw Halston again.


Halston and Victor Hugo.  Copy taken from ” The man who sold his name by Steven Gaines.

   1976. Artist David Hockney captured through the lens of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. Taken at Bruce Mailman’s (owner of the Saint) home at 442 Ocean & Sail.

David Hockney 1976 by Robert Mapplethorpe

                                        Photo below taken at FIP by Robert Mapplethorpe .mapplethorpe.AF77..02015. Icelandic singer/ songwriter Bjork arrives at Sip nTwirl to see DJ Lina perform. She dances with the crowd.

byjork dance

bjork and Lina

bjork at Lina

byjork at lina

calvin1977. Designer Calvin Klein at his home on the ocean.

joan rivers 1988

1988. The late Comedienne Joan Rivers performs in the Pines at the “Hooray for Hollywood” benefit at the home of Gloria and Larry DeMann- Reflections.



1962. Actor Montgomery Clift comes to the Pines to stay. He becomes a very visible part of the community until 1966.

 1981. Actress/singer Cher arrives in the Pines for 4th of July weekend. She goes to Tea Dance, hangs out on the Yacht “Barbara” and visits Cherry Grove. 


 1982. Artist Andy Warhol arrives for a weekend visit to the Pines.



 1966. Actress/singer Barbra Streisand and ” Funny Girl”  costar Kay Medford arrive in the Pines by seaplane for lunch.

               barbra streisand 1966


1960’s-1990’s. Broadway composer Jerry Herman becomes a resident 3X  purchasing homes on both the Ocean and the Bay.


Jerry Herman 1969

He involves himself in the community, and has frequent guests Angela Lansbury and Carol Channing.AWE Stage27 4

Jerry Herman 19791Carol Channing & Jerry Herman 1990'sweb

       199o’s. Jerry Herman at his bayfront home with Carol Channing & friends.

1979. Jerry entertaining at the Fashion show. See his 40th birthday party in the Pines at:

jerry herman and friends 1991.web

                                                    1991. Jerry moves to the bay house and entertains friends.

Jerry Herman with Cappy and MyraFred Weil, Jerry Herman and unidentified.web



Jerrys back 1991 jerry hermanweb

1991, and Jerry’s back on stage and at the Dog show!






lady ga ga at grove 2008

                                  2008. Singer Lady GaGa performs at the Ice Palace  in Cherry Grove. Seen here with DJ Vito Fun.

gaga 2008












vito and gaga 2009


 1982. Actress/singer Lorna Luft at  Pines Fashion Show called “Nightlights”.



Seen with entertaiment Critic Stewart Klein and Actress Colleen Dewhurst.





webliza and peter allen in pines Aug 1965 @ fashion show

                        1965. Actress/singer Liza Minnelli attends a Fashion show at the Botel with                     boyfriend Peter Allen. She purchases a silver mini dress and dances later at the Blue Whale .webcherishpromohq001

                           1990. Singer Madonna arrives in the Pines to stay with her brother Christopher                                     Ciccone. They stay on Shore walk. Actor Warren Beatty visits Madonna there.webwebDI3BFC~1 copy

   1967. Actress/singer Diahann Carroll rents the former Monty Clift home, and is involved in the community. DIAHANN.jpggownShe rings       her daughter Suzzane, and the press, and becomes our most photographed celebrity here.






matty2014. News personality Katie Coric joins DJ Matty Glitterati in the DJ booth this past season.


                          1957. Actress Marilyn Monroe arrives by seaplane for lunch on her way to                                 Amagansett. She meets up with locals and impresses them with her warmth and friendliness.

1979 patti1979. At a party at the home called “Lincoln Centre” Disco stars The Village People and Patty Brooks above. Below are “Last Dance” songwriter Paul Jabara , Egon Von Furstenberg, and designer Calvin Klein.1979. Calvin Klein, Egon Von Furstenberg, and Paul Jabara Who wrote Last Dance and many more disco hits.1994. Business magnate, producer, film studio executive, and philanthropist David Geffen purchases the Calvin Klein home in the early 90's, and becomes a part of the community.                      1994.Business magnate producer film studio executive and philanthropist David                              Geffen purchases the Calvin Klein home in the early 90’s, and becomes a part of the                              community.LIZ1983. Actress Elizabeth Taylor arrives in the Pines on the Yacht “Chiquata.” She goes to the Cultured Elephant for drinks. She turns to thank Thom Finn the manager, and this picture is taken. Her jewlery sale at Christies broke the record for sale of single owner collection for 116 million. A proceed of that went to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. Being one of the first in Hollywood to pledge her support, she became a strong advocate in the battle against AIDS. Even in her death her support lives on.



2013. “Pretty Woman”, Julia Roberts, is a visitor during the filming of “The Normal Heart” at Fire Island Pines. Seen above with director Ryan Murphy. On this trip it is family time as she accompanies her husband, cinematographer Danny Moder. Her children, Hazel, Henry and Phinneas joined their parents.

2013. Actress Julia Roberts with director Ryan Murphy on the set of The Normal Heart.
DYNASTY                            1987. Actors from the popular TV show Dynasty (Fallon) Pamela Sue                                                  Martin and (Steven) Al Corley visit the Pines.Billy Porter 2013                          2013. Broadway’s

Tony winner Billy Porter ( on the “Dirty Martini”). Then he brings his Kinky Boots to the Pines Party.
          Photo by Gustavo Monroy for Next
.2013. Broadway's Tony winner Billy Porter brings his Kinky Boots to the Pines Party.claudette1971. Academy Award winning actress Claudette Colbert was a frequent visitor to the Pines. Throughout the 80’s and into the early 90’s she stayed in the Solar house on Beach Hill and Ocean with longtime friend, and former Pines resident Peter Rogers who helped create the famous Blackgama Fur ad campaign “What becomes a Legend Most.”rock               1979. Having been here before actor Rock Hudson arrives as a guest of John Whyte. beach rockmike woods 2013 channel 5 weatherman.                                                 2013. Channel 5 NY Weatherman Mike Woods.rhoda1997. Actress Valerie Harper in the Pines for the organization Miracle house. Pictured: Don Richardson,Kevin white,Suzanne Keller,Gilles Mesobian, Valerie Harper, Mike Dees, Craig Reynolds.whoopi2007. Whoopi Goldberg hosts The Fire Island Dance Festival. One of the highlights of the summer, and held at a bayfront home it has raised more than 1.9 million in the fight against Aids.Kristine

2014. Singer Kristine W returns to the Pines for a performance at the Pavilion.Kris

KELLY ROWLAND ASCENTION PARTY 2009                            2009. Former Destiny Child singer Kelly Rowland performs her hit

                                   “When love takes over” at Ascension.flashdance1980. Actress/singer Irene Cara arrives at Tea Dance, she hands DJ Kevin Burke a copy of her new single “What a feeling” from the movie Flashdance. She proceeds to go to the second floor balcony of the Botel and perform it as DJ Kevin Burke played it down below at Tea!PATRICIA aRQUETTE 2014.

                         2014. Actress Patricia Arquette visits the Pines for the first time to visit friends.melba 1971 




1979. Singer/actress Melba Moore arrives in the Pines for a party. She returns in 1992 as part of the AIDS benefit “From the Pines with Love”. She is part of an all star lineup including Dionne Warwick, Leslie Uggams, and more.  melba 19922014. We invite her back to be part of our

      “Souvenirs Concert series, and she wows the crowd.10406773_727202450673225_5037126120437478991_n10511217_726145944112209_5568855487313309085_n






 2011. Playwright and Activist Larry Kramer  arrives to do a “Boardwalk Talk discussion of  his life and career.

gloria gaynor 1991 Morning Party

gloria gaynor 1991 Morning Party.jpgcolor1991. Disco Superstar Gloria Gaynor arrives and performs at the GMHC Morning Party on the beach.



from the pines with love benefit 1985web

 Actress/Comedian  Anne Meara performs as part of the entertainment lineup including singer Peter Allen and Broadway’s Dorothy Loudon for “From the Pines with Love” AIDS benefit.






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