Celebrity history- Priscilla Presley

Celebrity history- Priscilla Presley.

After leaving singer Elvis Presley in 1977 his former wife Priscilla Presley fell madly in love with model Michael Edwards. They were very public with the relationship and were photographed all over the world. The relationship lasted 1977-1984. In this 1979 interview with Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine you get the picture…



















During their 7 years together they found their way to Fire Island Pines for a fun wine filled weekend. Where clamming, dancing and frolicking topless was part of the time.











Priscilla’s post Elvis life was filled with many men and many lessons like the one she received from Mike Edwards. After 7 years together on and off he wrote a controversial book about their time together. His book title was a takeoff of Priscilla’s book “Elvis & me.”



Edwards, a top model during the 70’s,  recounts seven years spent with Elvis Presley’s widow, Priscilla, and their only child, Lisa. A checkered career that included four years as a Marine and sudden celebrity as a model preceded his involvement with Priscilla.









In his book their grand passion and the abortion of their child are recounted in juicy, true-romance style some of it unintentionally funny. The relationship was haunted and eventually destroyed by the dead singer’s ever-present spirit and the author’s efforts to take Elvis’s place at the price of his own identity, according to Edwards. His drinking, womanizing, growing attraction to teenager Lisa and Priscilla’s increasing assertiveness and budding career as a TV actress further estranged the pair and ultimately led to their final break-up. The book fell by the wayside as was his career.  (Below ) Michael Edwards today…

Priscilla would go onto several other relationships along with her daughter Lisa Presley. They both acknowledge their poor taste in choosing men.

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