The Solar House 1977.

The Solar house. 1977 Beach Hill Walk  Before we became aware of the importance of recycling and the use of solar energy there was a home in the Pines that
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The Carrington Estate Est. 1912.

The Carrington Estate. 1920,s The Carrington Family. The Carrington House during the Marquet Years, 1912-1927 Margaret Brush inherited the Fire Island property from her husband and, in September 1912, sold
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Celebrity history- Joan McCracken 1917-1961 Over the years many people have called Fire Island their home. Among the most intriguing was a woman who rose to fame as ” The girl
1975 – Holly Woodlawn 1975. Before the word transgender was where it is today there was Holly Woodlawn. A pseudo celebrity from the Andy Warhol factory. She was one of the first

Longtime Companion 1990.

Longtime Companion 1990.   Filmed in the Pines in 1989 when the world still was finding out about the plague called AIDS that was rampant in places like New York,
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Celebrity History

         Celebrity History           Sal Mineo 1974. Actor Sal Mineo arrives in the Pines with an entourage. He has lunch at the Blue
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