2013. On a summer’s day HBO arrives to film playwright Larry Kramer’s award winning play                                                                     “The Normal Heart”. jaimefilm 2film1003112_466188913466245_888955171_n

IMG_7987julia in the pinesActress and star Julia Roberts on set. She had no scenes here, but accompanied husband Danny Moder with their kids. Stayed at a home on the bay.photo 2
nicolePhone booths and red wagons were brought in to recreate the 80’s era.
dennis ohare
1017250_533313130037773_449740417_n1014282_533313236704429_1150922724_nryan murphyActor Denis O’Hare at the harbor set.







Director Ryan Murphy directing the opening shot of ferry arrival.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                   Not used much today, but the red wagon is a symbol of Fire Island.
1003956_10151634198624350_946988021_nDirector Ryan Murphy with actress Julia Roberts on set.webIMG_33582014-08-20-normal20tvf1web-thumb                                                                                        Actors Joe Mantello and Mark Ruffalo shooting some of the opening                                                                                             scenes on the Pines beach.10375952_669256216444623_428326864736822365_nActor Mark Ruffalo recreating a historic moment of AIDS awareness in the 80’s at the harbor in the Pines.nh p 2
NHnh pFilming the opening beach house scenes at the home of Karen Adir on the ocean. 
normal-heart03                                                (Above) Actor Taylor Kitsch filming scenes at the beach house.

                              (Below) Actor Jonathan Groff arrives as Mark Ruffalo gets a look at FIP life in his face.normal-heart01normal heart meatrackIMG_7156
IMG_7936Extra’s (many Pines residents) arrive for the recreation of a white party on the beach. Using a similar motif to the “BEACH” party in 1979 playwright Larry Kramer was on set for the filming.beach recreation normal heartBeach party  for normal heart 1webBeach party  for normal hearteric tooguynormal party guy SmithRobert Zashnh setScenes from the film…julia roberts NH10649556_710978822272362_7688470411208415968_nJIM PARSONS nhTNH-bomer-ruffalo1469967_10151869858598481_888295411_n10344788_670213343015577_7278367137289374245_n10372566_10204157329472943_2203728001758085630_nNHTaylor Kitsch used his bulging biceps to carry a bloody Jonathan Groff on the Manhattan set of HBO's The Normal Heartnorm hreartThe premiere: NH Ticket webnormal heart premiere 25SUBJPNORMAL-HEART3-articleLarge brad & Angie NH Premiere webLarry Kramer NH Premiere webryan murphy premiere NH Premiere photo (8)The Awards:10404121_10152351806468481_3091499890131570648_nEmmy’s: 10518961_10152660507953839_1794599066621467316_n10577081_10152351806373481_8330751734153864853_n

Golden Globes:Matt-Bomer (1)
matt-bomer-and ryan murphymark-ruffalo                   Actor Mark Ruffalo accepts his Screen Actors Guild Award from bed in London.