Carnival Rio party @ Reflections 1986

Carnival Rio party at “Reflections.” The home of Gloria and Larry DeMann. 1986



reflections cover

Gloria DeMann and her husband Larry were know throughout the Pines for their lavish parties at their bayfront home called “Reflections.” The bay front home had a castle like feeling. The white structure could be seen from a distance as you entered the Pines by ferry. Known also for the White camels and palm trees taken from her restaurant in NYC Cafe Pacifico that stood outside greeting you to this oasis in the sand. 


Reflections 1991



Gloria DeMann's Cafe Pacifico

Gloria was known throughout the Pines as the ultimate hostess. She drew all from the Pines. From designers to create the lavish décor to the food that many brought. The parties were a family affair. She integrated herself and her husband, a straight couple into the community, and became part of Fire Island Family. The 80’s were an extravagant era and so it went…








Gloria reigned throughout the 80’s as her home became the mecca of the over indulgent era.



















Their home called “Reflections” lent it self to the party as it was the epitome of 80’s chic.










Former Pines resident Richard Rubin had a designer create…












This was just one of the many parties that Gloria and her husband Larry threw at “Reflections”. The decadence of the 80’s reigned…




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