Botel History Est. 1960.




Peggy Fears 2 (2)


Former Ziegfeld girl Peggy Fears was urged  by the Home Guardian Company of NY to  build fast in order to lure potential buyers to the community. The Yacht club was built first  then the Botel.

Building yacht club and hotel 1955

The beginning of the Hotel. Late 1950's
Peggy Fears yacht club 1955.

Peggy Fears yacht club in 1957.


Zachary and Ruth Scottpeggy fears 1953.

The Botel was named by Peggy’s companion Teddi Thurman.


teddi thurman


1959, Memorial day weekend a fire burns both buildings to the ground.

Botel & restaurant fire 1959

Peggy hires the Reynolds Aluminum Company from Kentucky to help rebuild. A deal is struck and the club is built and open by Fourth of July. The charred trees remain around it.

webpeggy fears new yacht club BW 1959 after the fire

1960. The new Fire proof Botel is built. Made of cinder block it is designed to last.

Peggy Fears ad.

blue whale & botel 1969-70 aJPGweb

1962. Peggy Fears sells to model John Whyte and partners. The partners are soon bought out leaving John to manage and run the properties. He continues the standard of attracting high profile personalities.

Botel 1960'sweb

1960’s. Botel guests include celebrities.

Richard Burton                                                   Hedy LaMarr


Herschel BernardiHerschel Bernardi

Troy Donahuetroy DONAHUE

1990’s Fashion Designer Jean Paul Gaultier.



1970. The pool is added to the Botel complex.

1967webbotel pool being built 1970webJohn Whyte 1975web

botel 1980. web

1975. Owner John Whyte at the Botel.                       1980. Check in.

The expectations of the general public was not what it is today. A cinder block room was an acceptable accommodation especially on Fire Island. The iconic blue and red canvas accents always matched the nearby Blue Whale. The pool became a centerpiece of the many Fashion Shows held in the Pines.

Fashion show 1977

The fashion shows brought out the who’s who of the celebrity fashion world including porn stars like Gene Gordon above. Below model Pat Cleveland and Madam.

web1975 Pat ClevelandMadam mistress of ceromonies at FS 1977

   In the 90’s owner John Whyte changes up the color combination with what he saw as the raging colors in Europe.

a hotel view of tea 90's

In 2006 John Whyte sold his commercial properties to Eric Von Kuersteiner. He made many changes to the properties including renaming the hotel. Now Hotel Ciel with some minor cosmetic changes it stayed that way until under new ownership again in 2012 it’s name was brought back with a new logo.

hotel 2010 beforeweb6349612048_07e11652a1



In 2013 it was someones idea to give the botel a Keith Haring knock-off outside motif. This lasted a weekend, and was painted over immediately.











2015. With another purchase, and plans to redo the structure the hotel was leased to the the Sharegurl organization. Minor renovations were done with great results giving young newcomers an affordable place to experience the Pines.

sharesharegurl hotel Former Botel

hotel 2015sharegurl

sharegurl roomssharegurl rooms too

Now being run once again by the Pines FI organization as just “The Hotel” it will always be known as “The Botel.”

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