Boardwalk Memorial- Franklin Coronado.

Boardwalk Memorial- Franklin Coronado.

June 1940 – April 2020


 Longtime Pines former resident Franklin “Contessa” Coronado passed away from a combination of Parkinson’s and COVID 19. Known as La Contessa to his friends they remember him here:

Charlie Cosentino:  Frank 79 passed away April 6, 2020 due to Covid-19 at Riverside Nursing Home in NYC where he spent the last 6 years dealing with Parkinson’s Disease. A dear friend for over 30 years and Fire Island Pines was his home away from home since the late 1970’s, he loved this place! He loved his music and especially his flagging, taught me everything I know! His memory will live on in my heart forever.


Dennis Gagne: My great friend for 32 years Franklin “Contessa” Coronado passed away today. His body couldn’t manage his Parkinson’s and COVID 19. I last saw him on 2/25, not long before his facility in NYC went on lockdown.



Michael Valenti : We were house mates back in the day. Our house was on Bass Extension next door to Michael Schaible and Leslie. We would summer in the Pines and go skiing in the winter in Aspen and Europe. His last few years you would always see Frank at tea dance flagging. He was a terrific flagger. Our nickname for him was La Contessa because he came from a very aristocratic Family from Spain. He spent his last years of his life at a nursing home on the upper west side here in NYC .






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