The Beach Olympics 1975-1981

The Beach Olympics 1975-1981.

The Beach Olympics was a homespun event created in 1975. Most often as a fundraiser for the Pines Conservation Society. It brought the community together with unique events like wheel barrel and potato sack races, tug of war, and more. 

1975.         Wheel barrel race.                                                                                                                                   Three legged race.




Not a yearly event, however it was brought back several times.                                         Tug of war.

fip75-beach-olympics-e                                     fip75-beach-olympics-g





Ocean Day as the next Olympics was called was a benefit for the Jacques Cousteau society This time Blue Fletterich of the Islander Club helped put the event together. Three goals were in mind. 19 To make people aware of the ocean for the whole day. 2) To raise money for the cause Jacques Cousteau. 3) Have fun. The days schedule found an educational contest for children, and at the same time a wagon parade were forming in the Grove and Pines to parade down the beach.

1978-beach-olympics-f Brian Wallach the MC gave commentary as the afternoon progressed. Cherry Grove was present with a homecoming Queen of sorts.




The events were not limited to just adults. There were just as much for children as the community then still had a bigger straight to gay ratio.


Tug of war was always a favorite. Awards were given to winners.





My beautiful picture

Potato sack and three legged races. Architect Scott Bromley gets in on the fun…






With a donation from Ricard liquor going to the Pines Conservation Society another Olympics was planned. With the help of John Blair of the Bodycenter. This time new events were added including mudwrestling, Sandcastle building, and a swimming pool marathon.





Bruce Randall Hoban I produced this event.  I left FIP in 1984. It was the first time PCS had two major fundraising events in the same summer (along with the annual “Fashion of the Pines” fundraiser). A few amusing (I hope) stories. First, the beach was under the control of some federal agency and I had to convince them how we would dig up the beach, drop several hundred bags of black peat moss, apply water and then have it all cleaned up at the end of the day as though it was never there. We just HAD to have mud wrestling and a tug-of-war in the blackest mud possible. Somehow, despite his very telling face (I don’t understand you people), he approved it. My favorite event was the “The Swimmer” marathon. In 1968, Burt Lancaster starred in a movie about a lad who goes house-to-house and swims laps in every neighbors pool. So, we coordinated just about every house on the beach with a pool and held a swimming pool marathon. Contestants had to run from the beach to pool, swim two laps and then move on to the next house. They started at one end of the beach and worked their way down to the other. It was a rousing success as everyone on the beach started moving down the beach to watch them. Finally, the entire day culminated in a party (of course) held at Count Charles de Rohan (partner in the Pavilion) immense home on the bay side of the island. The event was invitation only and every house in the Pines received a Ricard bottle with the invite corked inside which allowed 2 people. Needless to say, it was a mob despite 10 paid security folks. There were camels, chimpanzee and host of animals shipped over for the day. The highlight was a skydiving troupe that were supposed to land in the pool. One of them missed and ended up high in a pine tree.

Mud Wrestling.



Swimming pool Marathon inspired by the movie “The Swimmer” starring Burt Lancaster.



the-swimmer-movie    Although a great community event the Beach Olympics were never resurrected… 

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