Beach 40th Anniversary !

Beach 40th Anniversary ! 1979-2019.

Beach 40th Anniversary Event


In 1979 an event that would change the course of history and culture of the Pines took place. It was called “Beach.” It was essentially about a new Fire truck for the Fire Island Pines Volunteer Fire Department, but the players that were involved and the community that they rallied together made what would seem like and ordinary task extraordinary in every way…

We celebrate the 40th Anniversary of this historic event this season with a commemorative book and event that we hope you will support as all donations and proceeds go to FIPHPS a registered not for profit. This allows us to continue this important work.

Combining this Anniversary with our 7th year of presenting our “Souvenirs” special Tea Dance seemed like a perfect fit. Having our own DJ Robbie Leslie bring us the soundtrack to the 1970’s golden age of the Pines has always been a crowd- pleaser. We bring back singer France Joli to celebrate her homecoming and the anniversary of her hit “Come to me” which she debuted here.

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