Ascension Party 2006-2017

Ascension Party 2006-2017

In 2006, Eric von Kuersteiner had a vision to create a fun daytime party for the new generation of Fire Island.  He named it Ascension. It grew into the island’s most anticipated and busiest weekends, with three days of stellar events, thousands of cute guys and unsurpassed entertainment—all raising money for charity, benefiting the Fund in the Sun Foundation.

Eric Von Kuersteiner.

Since its inception the foundation’s directors – Hal Rubenstein, David Nickle and Eric von Kuersteiner – have raised more than $4 million for the protection of the environment and infrastructure of Fire Island Pines, while also donating grants to worthy LGBT charitable organizations. Beneficiaries included the Hetrick-Martin Institute and the Harvey Milk High School; Live Out Loud; Friends In Deed, which provides support services for those with HIV/AIDS; One Heartland, which affords summer camping programs for GLBTQA kids; Standing Tall, which helps wheelchair-bound kids and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.




Ascension Party wins HX Magazine award for best event for 2008.


Singer Kelly Rowland .


Countess LuAnn de Lesseps and Kelly Bensimon of The Houswives of New York are guests. LuAnn performs her hit “Money can’t buy you class.”


Dragonette a Canadian electronic music band from Toronto, Ontario performs. 





In 2015 with the changes in the Pines Eric moves Ascension to Mykonos Greece.

Eric Von Kuersteiner:

As many of you know part of the Ascension Weekend has always included events at the commercial properties. When I owned the commercial properties, Ascension rivaled the 4th of July in terms of income for the properties. In addition, homeowners have been able to receive a premium for the rentals because Ascension is considered a Holiday. Again last year it gave a boost of revenue to the downtown. When admission is $60 to go to the Sip N’ Twirl (100% of proceeds is donated to charity) on a Saturday night and the place is packed to maximum capacity (pavilion had no cover and was empty) it should give you an idea of the power of the Ascension Brand and our customers that come for the weekend. Last year we sold out at the T Dance, with the highest ever attendance. I thought that the Boycott would have convinced Ian to do the right thing and sell (he’s had offers since I withdrew mine) unfortunately however he has not. As I would not personally patronize any of his properties, I cannot in good conscience support his businesses with any additional revenue that Ascension brings to the Pines every year.


Ascension moves back to the states.

This was the last party…

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