Robert Mapplethorpe- Art history

Robert Mapplethorpe  1946-1989 The Pines was a haven for many artists. Here inspired by the beauty of the surroundings their art flourished. Photographer Robert Mapplethorpe was one of the many.
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John Laub – Art History

Artist John Laub was a native of Philadelphia. His family anticipated his entry into the world of business, but he envisioned something different. While attending a small liberal arts college
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Peter Hujar- Art History

Peter Hujar Peter Hujar, who died of AIDS in 1987, left behind a complex and profound body of photographs. He was a leading figure in the group of artists, musicians,
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David Hockney – Celebrity history

  1976. Artist David Hockney captured through the lens of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. Taken at Bruce Mailman’s (owner of the Saint) home at 442 Ocean & Sail. With Henry Geldzahler.
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The Joan McCraken story 1917-1961         Over the years many people have called Fire Island their home. Among the most intriguing was a woman who rose to fame

The Art of Robert de Michiell

The Art of Robert de Michiell       1958-2015.   Robert de Michiell was one of the most prolific commercial illustrators of his time, with a distinctive style that
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1975 – Holly Woodlawn 1975. Before the word transgender was where it is today there was Holly Woodlawn. A pseudo celebrity from the Andy Warhol factory. She was one of the first