The FIPAP Art Show Est. 1985-1987.

The FIPAP Art Show Est. 1985-1987.


 Art has always been part of the Pines community. The beauty of the beach has inspired many. In the 70’s it became a melting pot for the creative as designers, artists, architects, and theater people found their way to the Pines. Among the earliest artists was Ferron Bell. He was among other artists in one of the first independent shows in 1969.


Artist Ferron Bell at Pines 1969


Some artwork from the 1960’s.




The shows grew throughout the 1970’s with no formal organization behind them. They were community run and had a homespun feel with much homemade art.









As the shows grew the level of sophistication grew too. The show became more formalized and moved to a home called Bayside 6 owned by Gil Johnson and John Robinson.









1985. Sylvan Cole a recognized art dealer and Pines resident organizes the first Art Show. It was thought to be a “one time only” event and because of the Show’s success, it was decided to continue the event. 



1987. The Art show is formalized under the organization FIPAP ( Fire Island Arts Project.) It then moved to its new home of Mr. & Mrs. Dr.Herbert Katzin.


Poster artwork and below by John Laub.








It’s next home of Barbara & Marvin Gilston.




Below- David Morgan, Genevieve Leahy, Ken Ruzicka.











Below- Ferron Bell, Sylvan Cole, John Laub, and Fred Weil, Christina Stluka, Luis-Idigoras.






Back to Bayside 6…

The show goes Biennial.



Artists Tomo Hashimoto & Victor Gadino.

The Art of John Laub.







More John Laub…





Artwork of Paul Cadmus.



Art by Angela Fiorentino.






Art of Glen Wielgus.



2003, 2009…



The Art show is now held at Whyte Hall community center.



Artists Robert de Michiell and Carlos Pisco.










The artists and their work…























Artists Lori Zeller, Joe Conforti, and Sean Basil McGiver.


Artists Carlos Pisco & Scott Bromley.

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