The Kodak House 1965                   Horace Gifford Architect



Created  by architect Horace Gifford for Robert Evans and Dr. Scott DePasse the house has a spaceship like quality about it. The name Kodak house came about due to its resemblance to the instant camera from the 70’s.

Horace Gifford 1968

                                                         Architect Horace Gifford

Kodak house 1960sFrom a seated position, the solid deck rail created a filtered , idealized horizon line where ocean meets sky. The central living space was left open , for dancing. Two living areas, a dining room, and a kitchen claimed the four tower niches.



kodak house 60s b1975 Kodak house By Horace Gifford. JPGweb

Cumbersome additions added on over the years robbed the house of its hovering quality. Now the home of Gary Korr, he is restoring the home to its former glory.

Gary Korrkodak house by horace gifford

Kodak house inside

A painting done by Alan Dodd hangs in the living area.

the kodak house by Alan Dodd