The Pines blog…March 24,2018                                            By Mr.








   Dear Diary,

I went out to the Pines on the 4:05 triangle. The season continues to inch closer. I was the only passenger on the Colonial van from Sayville. It was a cold lonely late March home owner prep trip, but as the sun pried its way out it gave a feeling of summer ahead. The 4th Nor’easter of the season happened during the week, but quickly began melting.


 Work continues on several houses. 397 Nautilus (also known as the former Arched house: history here) walk has been moved back towards ocean walk. I can see that the Pines will have a new oceanfront look as houses are moved back, raised, and in some cases eliminated. Our beach will be rebuilt in a straight line , but for now the beach is erratic and eroded.



Season 2018 is waiting on the horizon…

Photo’s by Kris Grae, Mr., and Michael Borowski.