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                                      Preserving our legacies since 2010.



The Fire Island Pines Historical Preservation Society is a group of the Pines community members whose mission is to collect, preserve, display, and celebrate the rich and colorful history of the Fire Island Pines for present and future generations. Established in 2010. We are a recognized not for profit working towards establishing an ongoing presence in the community to help establish an internet site devoted to the history of Fire Island Pines.

Board members: President: Bobby Bonanno,  Bo Fridsberg Secretary/ Treasurer, Wayne Heyser, Patty Rosado. Honorary member Scott Bromley, Walter Reich. 

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Donations go to creating events that create community and remembrance, and the ongoing archiving and development of our website pineshistory.org

We search near and far to add to our growing archives. Sometimes its on google, some are donated , your posts on Facebook and other social media contribute. Thank you. We cannot grow without your support.  We try to credit photographers when we can.  Please do not reproduce any content from these pages in their entirety without permission. Limited usage of some images on any other site is welcome, provided they are accompanied by a working link to this post and photographer credit.


    It’s yours. Whether you arrived last season or a decade ago the history of the Pines is filled with moments of craziness, but more importantly moments that take their place in Gay     History. From the creation of the Tea Dance in 1966 that is now replicated in resorts all around the world to creating one of the largest fundraiser The Morning Party for GMHC. It all   happened right here. Fashion and Art shows, and the melting pot where much of Disco music was tested. It is your history to own and be proud of.


  It’s Mine. As President Bobby Bonanno ” this is a personal journey for me having spent much of my adult life here. Going from an observer who watched history from the sidelines to    now having it become my passion to collect and preserve it. Something changed for me in 2010. This became my mission. A mission that others have also taken on with me. A     mission I have the privilege of sharing with you”.


  Ours. As we move forward we ask you to own this history that collectively we now call ours. It’s a history to share with friends who have never been here, and for those who have   been here to witness much of it. Most important is that it is now being archived and preserved for all time.

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The Fight To Preserve The History of Fire Island