471 Fire Island Blvd. Est.1980

471  Fire Island Blvd.  Est.1980

Former home of Designers Michael Schaible & Robert Bray.


Architecture and design have always been part of Fire Island Pines history.  Horace Gifford, Scott Bromley just to name a couple of architects who have put their stamp on the Pines. However many designers like Michael Schaible and Robert Bray limited their skill to only their own residence, creating their own vision for themselves. 


1993 Interior Design Magazine (2)


 With that said many of these home would appear in national magazines like Architectural Digest as seen here.
































The home is also published in a German  architectural magazine.









Michael Schaible would get involved in the community with the “Beach” party in 1979.




























A 1981 Interview with Michael Schaible & Robert Bray.




After leaving Fire Island Michael settled in Mexico designing his own home again revisited by Architectural Digest in 2008.















Michael Schaible passed away in 2019.

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