2020 A Covid-19 season for the history books…

2020 A Covid-19 season for the history books…

                                   But they didn’t…..

In March of the 2020 season as it was about to begin the world had a epidemic. Not seen since the Spanish flu of 1918 it created a worldwide crisis.

All plans for anything were put on hold as many with homes on the island took refuge from NYC to quarantine in what were their summer homes…

Sayville Ferry Service started there normal schedule, but things were anything but normal…

Sayville Ferry Service

The ferries got crowded with the many now commuting between NYC and the Pines more regularly.

PJ McAteer one of the partners in the Pines commercial properties releases a statement:

And it was otherwise directed by government guidelines. So the season began, and was off to an awkward start.

All events had to be reinvented using the guidelines. This was a challenge to do and create income at the same time. Time was moving fast, and so Table Tea was born.

Host BUBBLES D’BOOB from Showtune Sundays stepped up to become a major player as entertainment for the season.

ZOOM became the go to for everything as all scrambled to learn this form of communication. Including us as we celebrated the Pavilion 40th Anniversary.

Communication was essential as many arriving had no idea what they could expect…

Everyone was making it up as we went along while staying safe.


How do you make the Invasion safe in a Covid pandemic? Nothing stops a Drag Queen…

And so they came. This time it was a different cause.

The world was changing in the midst of the pandemic,

and Fire Island was paying attention…

However the tradition continued.

Unfortunately there was another invasion that happened that July 4th weekend, and it was not well received.

Then this party in the Meatrack.

Things got out of hand and the world was watching. The community came together and laid down the law.

Then we started over again.

Now back on track the season tried for events like the now Table Tea, and drag shows.

As the season progressed Bubbles became the standout…

The Covid Destroyers are created by Daniel Nardicio as a welcome to the Pines and to educate and prevent.

Trying to create some normalcy in a world gone crazy was a huge task…

Yet they all kept coming as it started to look like the season would go much longer. The Pines had become even more of a haven. Now from a virus and its spread. Many homeowners were preparing to stick out the winter rather than go back to NYC.

DJ’s were on hold with no income. Limited use was by local DJ Mike Borowski.

Other performers from past seasons like Jack Aaronson were brought back to help create some normalcy. And so the season progressed.

Covid testing had begun around the country including the Pines.

As the season wound down Covid did not, but we had a new President to elect.

The Season ended with as it always did with the tradition of Halloween only outside and social distanced.

This season will go down in history, yet we did it. We will all remember this time, and be grateful when it is over when we come together, can hug, and dance again…

Photo’s below by Isaac Namdar.


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