2018. A Season of LOVE.

2018. A Season of LOVE.


  LOVE arrived in the Pines in May,and did just that. Created by celebrated artist Laura Kimpton as part of her Monumental Word Series, the installation, perforated with bird-shaped stamps, spells LOVE in steel Ruby red letters that rise 12 feet tall and collectively span 36 feet across, creating a memorable experience. 


About the Artist

Laura Kimpton, who is known for her mixed media installations and sculpture, rose to distinction thanks to her large-scale art. She draws from her desire to question traditional views on social interaction, invoking through her art a reaction and discussion which ultimately completes her projects. “LOVE” is one piece from Kimpton’s Monumental Word Series. LOVE is about being free to love who you want, the way you want,” said artist Laura Kimpton. “The bird stamps in the letters represent being able to follow your dreams, which is the message that I hope will inspire people as they interact with the piece.


 It not only became the centerpiece of the harbor, but through social media selfies it traveled us all over the world. And so the season began…

The Gil Neary Birthday opening season party is tradition. Held at the historic home called “Reflections” where former owners Larry & Gloria DeMann hosted the famous parties of the 1980’s.






Next up Kentucky Derby Party.








1st, 2nd and third prize in the hat contest.



Pines Care center opening party.






















Broadway Bares.



“Where Ocean meets Sky” exhibit.


Women’s Pride in the Pines.







The Invasion.














Souvenirs Master Class.









Fire Island Dance Festival.









Pines Party Time Machine
























FIPAP Rocky Horror Picture Show.



FIPHPS Studio 54 The Documentary.






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