2000’s. A new Millenium.



The Pines party grows into a major event/ fundraiser in the community. In 2004 owner John Whyte sells the commercial district to Pines resident Eric Von Kuersteiner. He begins sweeping changes as he brings a new generation to the Pines. In 2006 he demolishes the existing Pavilion, and builds his own vision of it. His marketing targets the newer generation, but in the process older community members are excluded which causes controversy. 



Von Kuersteiner goes on to create the Ascension Party and BayDance. Ascension, similar to the GMHC Morning Party is a day event on the beach. It is a huge success, and grows into it’s own. 

2007 Ascension Party
2007 Ascension Party



In 2004 former owner John Whyte passes. In 2007 Whyte Hall Community center is completed and named after him.

john whyte posterwhyte hall 2



The reign continues until someone in 2010 makes Von Kuersteiner an offer he could not refuse. Investors Andrew Kirtzman, 48, a journalist turned hotelier; Matt Blesso, 36, a real estate investor , and Seth Weissman, 26, an investment banker throw their collective hats in the ring with an offer of 17 million. Von Kuersteiner takes the money and runs as a new chapter begins…



The transition begins with a modification on the Pavilion, and other properties, but is sidetracked with a devastating fire in 2011 burning the La Fountaine building and the Pavilion down.  They choose to wait a year to rebuild hiring noted architectural firm HWKN with Matthias Hollwich and Marc Kushner.

2011 Fire in Pavilion

The process begins as the community waits in anticipation. 

mattius in Pav541303_10151230522223582_1866145168_n

plansMatthias Hollwich

pav 2014







   Completed in 2013 the new Pavilion makes a bold visual statement. Mixed opinions from the community, and somehow the purpose of the building is lost in the process as the age of late night dancing culture has shifted.


 In 2010 FIPHPS is created and archiving and documentation begins of Fire Island Pines history. In 2013 the Pines celebrates its 60th anniversary .

FIPHPSnavy hoodie too 60

After several seasons of setbacks in 2015 the properties go on the auction block and Hotelier Ian Reisner and Sip n Twirl owner PJ McAteer purchase the properties for $10.1 million. At the start of that season Ian Reisner gets involved in a political scandal which causes a  gay boycott on all his properties including the Pines. Driven through social media the boycott never really materializes enough to affect the community. It does banish Ian Reisner from the community making PJ McAteer the face and leader in the revitalization that continues.

Pines logo 2016


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