1990’s. The good fight…


                                                                      Photo by David Morgan 

1993 Pines against AIDS Brent Whitman, Grant Gardner , Stephen Sloane

As the health of many were declining, the look of the men of the Pines became stronger. Muscled physiques had replaced the natural body types as the gym became the norm.

90's pinesdavid morgan beaches


Owner John Whyte adds to his legacy with the purchase of the Pavilion. He brings back an elegance with the addition of chandeliers, and ushers in the era of late night dancing. The role of the DJ takes center stage.  

pavilion 1990's


Morabito, Buc, Michael Fierman 1990's.

_MichaelFierman at the Pavillion 1998

The GMHC Morning Party grows onto the beach and into a circuit party where people from all over the world come to party. The purpose is somehow lost in translation…

morning party

1998 GMHC Morning Party
1998 GMHC Morning Party







Benefits become the new normal as AIDS continues to take lives in the community.        






JW,Melba Moore,Ron Perkov, Bill Hayden, Dioone Warwick, leslie uggams, Henry Todd, Mel Carterweb



After the demise of the GMHC Morning Party the Pines (FIPPOA) takes on the creation of their own benefit…pines 99 journalweb

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