1980’s. A season of change…



1980’s. A season of change…



A new club arrives to take over as the era of the Sandpiper ends. Named the Pavilion it changes the cornerstone of the community. A box like structure as many claim it is the box that the new ferry arrived in.

pines pavilionweb1980 brand new Pavilion

1980. The new Pavilion opens on the site of the original Sandpiper. The owners Jerry Arcaro, Count Charles D'Rohan, Steve Goodfriend, Sam Haddad, Larry Lavorgnia, Scott Facon, Harvey Einman

It will begin to change the face of dance as many travel to Cherry Grove to the Ice Palace. The DJ ( pictured John Ceglia) continues to take center stage in both Pavilion and Tea Dance. The house party takes on new meaning with themes such as “Hooray for Hollywood”, “Esther Williams party”, “Hat Party”, “Hollywood Shore Leave.”


DJ John Ceglia Pavilion webDJ JohnCeglia 1982 web




Gloria's Holiday Extravaganza

Reflections 1991


Peter Allen and the Rockettes 1988







The world and the Pines changes as AIDS begins its rampage through the Gay community. Pines resident Larry Kramer forms GMHC with fellow Pines people, and the fight begins. The Pines becomes quiet as many in the community lose the battle.

websitegay cancer article 1981

aidsgmhc founders



The decade sets the tone for the fight. The Pines community steps up with benefits like GMHC Morning Party and From the Pines with Love.


1987 Morning Party posterwebfrom the pines with love benefit 1985web




Those lost will live on in the Pines…


1987 beach AIDS memorialAIDS DAY






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