1970’s. Dancing the Disco Dance…

1970’s.tea dance1976 a

The Tea Dance had grown, and become the place to be on Fire Island, and with that the Pines became a destination. Disco music had taken over. Many from the music industry were coming to the Pines as it became a Gay cultural centerpiece.

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 The worlds of Art, Design, Fashion, and Music had found the Pines as people like Robert Maplethorpe, Calvin Klein, Egon VonFurstenberg, Paul Jabara, and more were finding the party and inspiration of the Pines intoxicating. The homes were growing into castles in the sand as noted architects like Horace Gifford, Earl Combs, and more were using the Pines as their canvas.

1979. Calvin Klein, Egon Von Furstenberg, and Paul Jabara Who wrote Last Dance and many more disco hits.1973 david jarrett




webRobin Byrd home former home Arthur Erickson &Francisco Kripacz Lincoln center home 1979webFIP74_WarnerRoofView Ocean 3_300dpi4x6



Fashion became part of the community as Botel pool Fashion Shows became a tradition. Noted Fashion designers participated. As well as known community members such a Barbara Ross of Ross bicycles.

webfashions of the pines 1979 poster



Fashion show 1977


 High Fashion models such as Pat Cleveland took part as well as porno stars like Gene Gordon.


1975 Pat Cleveland1978 Gene Gordon porno star



The party/benefit that all others are modeled from “Beach.”

Beach 79 FRANCE JOLIbeach 79 party on the beach


The Pines had arrived…

after dark mag cover 1972


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