1960’s. It’s a Mod, Mod World…



The secret was out. Where the boys are? Fire Island Pines!


boys of 60s


In spite of promoting itself as a family community, the proximity to Cherry Grove, and the beauty of the generous landscape was luring many from NYC . The mix of the locals, theater, and design clientele was creating a melting pot of what would become the future..

boys 50's





boys 1969 at 430 ocean and fisherman

Boys, boys, boys! Lunchtime at 430 Fisherman and Ocean.  The home in the back round on the left on Fisherman  still stands relatively the same today.

man and harbor sign

The sign was still standing as a different kind of family was creating a community…


1960. The new Botel.


1963 harbor1967

     After a fire in 1959 burns down the original structure owner Peggy Fears rebuilds the new fireproof botel.

botel key1960 botel occupancyweb


Peggy Fears ad.

Peggy Fears soon sells to model John Whyte who brings more celebrity and a new aura. He creates the Tea Dance in 1966. A tradition that still continues today. 

John Whyte 3webJohn Whytes FIP botel & yacht club ad

1966 sign


the 60's in the pines harborFIP67_Botel_300dpi4x6



The freedoms that exist today were not a given. Men were not allowed to dance together , hence the line dance that included at least one woman. The arrests that went on both in the Grove and the Pines were commonplace where you were shamed publicly.


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