1950’s. A Community called ” Fire Island Pines” begins…

1952. And so it begins…



1952 article


Original Home Guardian Company of New York Brochure 1952
Original Home Guardian Company of New York Brochure 1952


The Home Guardian Company with Edward Olson as their sales person were developing their promotional materials to help sell the new Fire Island Pines community, gearing it as a summer getaway for the family.

HGC ad for Pines.

Early 50's Harbor

In the early 50’s the Home Guardian Company of New York started developing Lone Hill.  The Harbor basin is carefully planned by a study of the tides.  For the cost of $130,000 it is dredged out of an existing mosquito ditch.  It is the plan for it to be a boating community with 76-78 berths.








Bulldozer for walks 1952

Harbor bulkheading 1953


In 1953 the bulk heading of the Harbor is completed.











timeline 1950s harbor

Real estate office HGC 1952

Home Guardian Company applies to Brookhaven Town for their certificate of occupancy for their real estate office.


Downtown area late 1950's.

Home Guardian sets up their real estate office for Lone Hill now known as Fire Island Pines.  It is here that you arrive by ferry to be taken by car to your lot for sale.


real estate office 1954



Buyers for the pines community 1952.





Being advertised as a family community, it brought people from all over Long Island and New York. Realtor Arden Catlin poses with the infamous sign.








Harbor being built 1957.

ferry delivery of pipes 1952 judy steinThe Ferry service was crucial in bringing over supplies to help build the walks as surveying and walk layouts begin by the Home Guardian Company.



September 1953 building the boardwalks.

The building of the walks begins in 1953.  The walks are the road map for the community.


1958 A view from Ocean and Fisherman.
1958 A view from Ocean and Fisherman.


coastguard station

The former Lifesaving Station is part of the land and will be part of the harbor sale agreement with FIPPOA ( Fire Island Pines Property Association).


Coast guard station 1954.

HARBOR with view of yacht club and store 1950'S

Pines 1951
Pines 1952

People from as far as New York to local Long Island were hearing about the new community called Fire Island Pines.

Lots for sale sign 1953.FI Builders ad


A  General store, community club house and hotel were also part of the plan.  They too were encouraged to build quickly in order to present a community atmosphere.

FI Blvd harbor view 1954












Ship &Shore grocer 1967

ship n shore signweb

The General Store named Ship n Shore was owned by Warren Christopher, Vincent Fair, and William Styker. Clarence LaFountaine opened a plumbing supply and gas service.

Clarence LaFountaine 1956web




Peggy Fears, a Broadway Showgirl, had discovered Lone Hill on an outing to a neighboring Fire Island community. She decides to invest and also encourages others in the show business community to do likewise. She builds The Pines Yacht Club, and Botel complex. 


Peggy Fears 2 (2)











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